Weekend recommended art shows in Montreal by Éric Clément, La Presse +

Article by Chantal L’Heureux published in art magazine “In Situ”, Montreal.

The Espace visuel program on June 14, 2017 is broadcasting an interview with visual artist Paul Abraham, which presents a fascinating duo exhibition with visual artist Paul Brunet titled Storytelling at the Maison de la Culture Mercier until June 30, 2017. The show proposes an itinerary through a vast pictorial installation bursting out of the colourful comic strip universe, sown with characters larger than life who escaped from the comic strip to meet the visitors.

This exhibition is aimed at both children and adult audiences, given the levels of interpretation proposed and the narrative path created, which avoids giving answers and aims to create personal stories.

A personal reading that can certainly have a social resonance, in this turbulent period of decline of the American empire presided over by a certain Donald Trump. Indeed, in the case of Paul Abraham, he wants to stimulate reflection on current society through curious and fantastic characters that are associated with notions of good and evil or through a religious symbolism scattered here and there.

To be appreciate on the spot: assembled sculptures, murals created especially for the exhibition by Paul Brunet, symbolic works on the walls and a fanzine type guide for the expo. To this is added an ambulatory journey through characters from the American mythology, whether it is the western universe, the detective stories, science fiction, superheroes or Pop art. Also note the artist Paul Abraham’s inspiration for ancient painting, for example in the use of shortcuts and trompe-l’oeil in his works. Both artists describe their works as contemporary art.

It is a second exhibition showcasing the duo Paul (Abraham) & Paul (Brunet). They teamed up for the first time at a special exhibition organized at the Ubisoft premises by Frédéric Loury, director of the Art Souterrain event. This time, they were reunited again as part of the special summer event: A Million dhorizons marking the 375th Anniversary of Montreal and presenting 32 events in 19 boroughs! Nathalie Bachand is the curator of this mega-event.

A stunning exhibition that began during the Montreal Comics Festival and A STRONG RECOMMENDATION OF IN SITU MAGAZINE!