Paul & Paul

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Paul Brunet lives and works in Quebec City. He holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in visual arts from Laval University. He focuses mainly on pictorial practices and explores and defines the concept of painting-installation. For ten years, the artist has exhibited his work at fairs in Vancouver, Chicago and Toronto, as well as in numerous artists’ centers and galleries in Quebec. His works are part of several private collections in Canada and the United States.


Paul Abraham was born in Switzerland. An insatiable figure artist since his earliest years, his artistic approach is today in the sphere of Pop art. A graduate of the Applied Arts School in Paris, he attended the courses of Georges Pichard. Student of Art Spiegelman at the NYC SVA, he will participate in the production of Raw magazine. His work has been the subject of several individual and collective exhibitions in Montreal, notably at Joyce Yahouda Gallery and “Art Souterrain”. He is currently working on multimedia projects combining painting, sculpture and video.