Boom! (tribute to Roy), 2017, Paul Abraham, video installation

The narrative is both one and multiple here: each visitor will read a different story according to his trajectory and his personal references. As many stories unfold according to the wanderings in the space. Ranging from in-situ mural paintings to spatial paintings-scenes assemblages – the proposal consists of visual elements that borrow widely from the world of comics. Alternating references to Western, detective stories, science fiction, superheroes and pop art, it is the whole North American mythology that takes shape in the cut-up mode, editing and Fragmentation process dear to William S. Burroughs. Here, the horizons are those of an America made up of contradictions, where the characters – cowgirl, Superman or femme fatale – meet in a space-time where fiction and reality play opposite. The End.

Text by Nathalie Bachand, the curator of the exhibition